Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

March, 12, 2021

There is a certain sense of history that comes with a pre-owned home. Of course, that sense of history is also usually accompanied by the ravages of time. No matter how well-maintained older homes are, use and age make them more prone to structural issues.

If you are on the hunt for a home free of the usual issues older homes possess, then a newly constructed home may be just what you need. Here are some of the key advantages of buying new construction:

Customization and personalization

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new-construction home is having the flexibility to customize it to suit your taste. You can choose features and finishes, from the flooring and cabinets to the color scheme and appliances. You can even opt for structural changes like an additional room or window.

Modern construction

New construction homes are built using modern methods and materials and this often makes them more efficient and resilient than older homes. They are likely to have a tighter building envelope, for example, allowing you to save on cooling and heating costs. Homebuilders may also have already integrated some smart features into the design of your home such as high-insulation materials, controlled ventilation, LED lighting, skylights, ceiling fans, dual flush toilets, and many more.

Cost-effective appliances

New appliances are one of the big pluses of new construction homes. Today’s refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and heating and cooling systems run on significantly less energy than older models, which translates to big savings on your energy bill in the long run. This is especially true for ENERGY STAR-certified appliances.

Lower maintenance costs

Since everything will be brand-new, there is a much lower chance of you encountering common house problems like leaking pipes or faulty wiring systems. You will be spending less time on maintenance and you get to save money in the process.

Longer home warranties

New construction homes usually come with warranties and you may have the option of signing up for a longer one. These longer warranties begin from the closing date and can extend as long as 20 years. They cover everything from structural features to home appliances like refrigerators and water heaters.

New community, great facilities, new faces

New construction homes are usually found in recently developed communities so this often also means gaining access to special community amenities. Apart from enjoying shared facilities like swimming pools and clubhouses, you have the chance to interact with neighbors who may also be new to the area just like you.

Higher resale value

The modernized design, state-of-the-art features, and strategic locations of new construction homes make these highly appealing to homebuyers come resale time. Unlike older homes that may have seen several owners and seasons in their lifetimes, a newer home may only need minor repairs and enhancements to be in tip-top shape.

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By WCH Homes