4 Simple Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Garden

March, 21, 2021

Even the smallest design changes and additions can be enough to make your garden the verdant showcase you’ve always wanted it to be. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space, here are four simple garden design ideas that have a big impact:

Use your lawn as a center

Your lawn is more than just a bed of grass. Use it as a center to bring together your garden’s other features. Pathways and flowerbeds look nice on their own, but their charm is accentuated when you look at them from a center as a network of garden decorations.

The lawn will also probably be the biggest part of your garden, so make sure to keep it healthy. Proper lawn maintenance includes:

  • Mowing the lawn regularly
  • Watering the grass adequately
  • Fertilizing it with the right fertilizer
  • Aerating it in the spring or fall
  • Trimming the edges of the yard
  • Keeping pests out

Use colors effectively

Understanding what colors work well in particular areas is key to having a visually pleasing garden. Bright, warm colors like red and yellow are striking and can liven up any view. Their energetic appeal can catch your eye instantly and they stand out the most in sunny locations.

On the other hand, cool colors such as blue and green have a calming effect. If you want a meditation area in your garden, flowers in these colors will help you to achieve Zen. These also work great in small spaces.

Blending these colors can bring out the best in your garden. If your flowers are mostly warm colors, you can control their intensity by surrounding them with cooler colors. Some complementary pairings include:

  • Red and green
  • Orange and blue
  • Yellow and purple

Make an outdoor living area

Treat your garden as an extension of your living space by setting up an outdoor living area. When choosing the best spot for the outdoor living area, consider accessibility and purpose. Areas brightened up by sunlight are perfect for outdoor meals while those in the shade are great for relaxing.

Set up furniture like coffee tables and chairs, L-shaped sofas (best in corners) or loungers for soaking up the sun. Make sure they’re made from material that can withstand the elements such as wrought iron, aluminum, steel, rot-resistant wood, resin wicker, and so on.

Lay a stone or brick path to the living space to enhance its look and make it more accessible. Also, try planting aromatic flowers like rosemary and lavender in the periphery – after all, the best gardens don’t just look good, they smell great, too.

Use old or recycled materials

Unleash your creativity and innovativeness by using old or recycled materials to personalize your garden! It’s a budget-friendly way of making your green space stand out. Some cool ideas include creating a hanging garden using plastic bottles, using the base of an old lamp as a birdbath, and salvaging old bricks to make a neat pathway.

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By WCH Homes