5 Home Decorating Ideas For a Fresh New Look

October, 12, 2021

Have you recently moved and have yet to see how you’ll be arranging items in your new abode? Or are you just tired of the same old look in your home and you’re eager for a change?

Luckily, Wingate Custom Homes has put together 5 great decorating ideas that are sure to bring out the best in your home:

Sprucing up your entryway will up the ante in providing a more inviting ambiance. This is also a sure-fire way of leaving a memorable first impression on visitors the moment they walk in.

First, define the space by setting down a decorative rug. If there is enough room, add a small console table or bench against the wall by the door. You can also hang a mirror to brighten up the place and make it appear bigger. For efficient use of space, you can even place a floating shelf on the wall for keys and other small belongings.

The Japanese perfected it; you can embrace it, too. Being minimalist means taking a quality-over-quantity approach to home design. This means having only essential furniture, fewer and less ostentatious décor, and cleaner and clearer surfaces. The minimalist design evokes a feeling of calm since there is nothing to disrupt the clean flow of lines in an area. Home maintenance also becomes less complicated since there is less furniture to clean and more space to maneuver around.

Think function over form when organizing your furniture. Take away unnecessary chairs or tables that may obstruct passages, especially if these are positioned by doors and entryways. Create a focal point like a fireplace or a piano to define the room then arrange furniture to face them. Also, make enough space between each piece of furniture and avoid placing them up against the wall if you can.

Wall art provides the finishing touches needed to bring interior elements together.

When choosing wall art, choose pieces that match the style of the room. For the bedroom, placing an artwork with soothing colors and tones over your bed brings a sense of calm. Meanwhile, you can get creative in the living room by hanging one large-scale piece or creating a gallery wall to set a relaxed vibe and encourage conversation.

Decorating your home with plants makes your home look and feel more alive. They also go beyond aesthetics by acting as a filter to freshen your home’s air.

One simple way to use plants is to have them fill corners of your home that are too small for furniture. You can also position them in between or behind chairs to make a room look closer and larger without feeling cramped.

If you have limited space, get creative by hanging them over your living room or dining area. You can also set up plants, whether hanging or potted, by bare walls to fill space and serve as an alternative to wall art. 

  1. Make a welcoming entryway
  2. Embrace minimalism
  3. Rearrange the furniture
  4. Hang wall art
  5. Bring the outdoors in

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By WCH Homes