Best Home Design and Decorating Apps

February, 26, 2021

One can find an app for anything these days, including several for home design and decorating apps. Whether you’re shopping for new homes for sale in Bonaire, GA or you’ve lived in your home for a while now, you’ll probably want to find out how to give spaces in your home a fresh, new look. These apps below are your best bets for giving you great home decorating ideas and designing advice with a click and a swipe. All are free and available on iOS and Android:


If you want an app that feels like an interior decorating game but which uses your own home space as the canvas for placing décor and furniture you like, then you’ll love Hutch. It uses augmented reality to fit home accessories you like into your home space. Then if you like what you created via AR, you can purchase the item/s you chose and replicate the look in real life.

Smith Home Remodel

Planning renovations? Smith Home Remodel can help to connect you with local contractors for your specific project. Simply submit your project and get responses from nearby professionals. You can also find home service professionals from your area for cleaning services, pest control, and the like. You may not be able to get exact quotes, but the app can help you to compare prices and services among contractors and choose the best one for your project.


MagicPlan allows you to create floor plans of your home with quite accurate measurements. All it takes is for you to take photos of your floor space, following directions given by the app. Getting it right may take a while but once you’re done, you’ll have your space’s layout right on your phone. For an additional fee, you can get an exportable and shareable version.

IKEA Place

How wonderful would it be to have an IKEA bookshelf placed in that empty space by your work desk in your home’s mini office space? You can now do so via IKEA Place. Once again, the magic happens via AR. This eliminates the guesswork you have to make whether an item from IKEA will fit in your entire interior design or not. It’s only drawback is that you cannot order products you like using the app.


People in the business of home interior design will most probably have Etsy on their phones. After all, it features all kinds of products from independent makers, some of which are available only in limited quantities. Its algorithm is programmed to recommend great stuff for the home to you based on what you previously liked or checked out.


If you’re looking for classic or vintage decorative items or furniture to serve as statement pieces in any of your rooms, look no further than Chairish. This is a buy-and-sell app of high-quality preloved home accessories. It also employs AR to give you an idea of how a certain piece that catches your eye will look as part of your home.

Design and decorating apps can be a great asset in turning your house more into a home. And if you’re looking for a brand-new, custom-built home to transform into your own, get in touch with our team at Wingate Custom Homes by clicking here.

By WCH Homes