Happy Halloween

October, 31, 2022
Tips & Trends
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Halloween is here and we have some tips for you to keep your property and home safe this year! 

  1. Make sure that your yard - especially your walkways - are well lit. You can line your driveway or walkway with LED path lights, jack-o-lanterns, a string of lights, or other lighted decorations
  2. Avoid using candles. Opt for plug-in or battery operated lights instead
  3. Park your car in a safe place
    • One of the most common pranks on Halloween is egging houses and cars. Eggs are one of the most damaging and expensive "tricks" to clean up.
  4. Lock up pets to avoid innocent but potentially serious accidents or loss of pets
  5. Remove clutter from walkway path to keep trick-or-treaters from tripping
  6. Secure decorations in place with clear tape in case the wind picks up
  7. Check for any other risks on your property, such as loose bricks, potholes, or insecure railings. Consider how you can minimize these risks for trick-or-treaters
  8. To keep trick-or-treaters off your driveway or yard, consider setting up a table and chairs at the top of your driveway. This makes it easier on your trick-or-treaters and you could still keep it festive by decorating the table and dressing up
  9. If your plans don't include trick-or-treating, don't forget to secure the outside of your home and your personal items, such as bikes. Kids and teens will be out much later than usual and vandalism and petty theft tends to increase on Halloween
  10. Don't forget to lock up when the trick-or-treating is over.
    • If you are giving out candy, it is common to leave your door unlocked for the evening so you can open and close the door with ease. However, this puts you and your home at risk. If left unlocked, a burglar or vandal could let themselves into your home. It’s better to be safe than sorry by locking your door between trick-or-treaters

We here at WCH Homes, hope you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween! 

By WCH Homes