Resale Vs. Construction: Which is Right For You?

April, 2, 2021

There are so many options available to the average homebuyer. Among these options is selecting between a resale home or brand-new construction. Both require a huge investment, so making the right call is a must.

To help you decide, here’s a listing of the great qualities each home type possesses:

Reasons to buy a resale home

Buying a new construction means having to build a home from the ground up. This means having to wait for a long time before you can move in. If you have to move immediately, then a ready-made previously-lived-in home may be a better purchase.

Except for properties located in the countryside, you will notice that newer lots are much smaller these days. Older resale homes, on the other hand, are typically built on more expansive lots with existing landscaping. Keep this in mind if you want to explore gardening possibilities or you simply desire enough wiggle room in your property.

In terms of price stability in the course of the home buying process, a home on resale may have an edge over new construction. Even after lengthy negotiations, it is easier to come up with a final price on a previously-lived-in home for sale. It’s a different story with new constructions. You may encounter delays in the completion of construction due to factors like bad weather or a shortage of certain construction materials. You may also want to incorporate some upgrades to the default layout. All these are sure to put a dent on the home’s final price which you will only find out once the house is complete.

Resale homes will most likely be found in well-established neighborhoods. These places give easy access to offices, schools, and commercial areas. And since the home has been existing in the neighborhood for quite some time, there won’t be any zoning changes to worry about. 

  1. A quicker move
  2. Larger lot sizes
  3. The price is set
  4. Well-established locations

Reasons to buy a new construction

Probably the biggest advantages new construction has over homes on resale are the ability to design your own home, as well as the chance to select the materials to be used. You can even alter the layout and decide where to place the bathrooms or maybe choose paint colors to use on walls. This is the kind of freedom resale home buyers do not get.

New construction homes hold up better than resale homes which have experienced years of wear and tear. Since these are still brand-new, it will take at least a few years before you start worrying about repairing the roof or fixing electrical issues. This not only saves you from the costs of home maintenance, but it also keeps you sane because you don’t have to think about breakdowns or repairs.

Many new construction homes are built with stronger and more energy-efficient materials that cut your monthly utility costs. Among these materials are recycled steel for sturdy framing and roofing, insulating concrete forms to keep concrete in place, and Low-E windows to reduce heat in the summer and to keep heat in during winter.

  1. Flexibility and customization
  2. Less maintenance
  3. Energy and cost-saving materials

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By WCH Homes